New look collections website

The National Trust collections website has recently had an upgrade. The new look will hopefully make it easier to browse and search the collections and learn more about the individual objects.

When you scroll down the landing page you will see a selection of historic houses with particularly noteworthy collections.

If you choose to explore a particular property, you will be presented with some highlights of that collection. If you want to find out more about a specific object you can click through to find additional information.

Of course it is also possible to search the entire collections database. We continue to improve and refine the collections website, so do let us have your feedback.


6 Responses to “New look collections website”

  1. Peter Richard Eley Says:

    Many thanks Emile. This is a very useful aide memoir to the collections within the NT.

  2. seetharamsudhir Says:

    I never miss the presentation and explanation in Treasure Hunt, they are informative, feast to art lovers, I am interested in castle and their secrete places and their history, I have’t got a chance to see such.  

  3. Emile de Bruijn Says:

    I am glad you like it.

  4. Sophie Says:

    Much much better! Thanks for letting us know.

  5. Emile de Bruijn Says:

    Thanks Sophie. I like your engaging blog, by the way.

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