A late Edwardian lake at Mount Stewart

©Emile de Bruijn

Last week I visited Mount Stewart, in Country Down, where we were shown the inspirational conservation project underway in the house.

©Emile de Bruijn

©Emile de Bruijn

But I also had a chance to see part of the garden, and I was enchanted by the large lake surrounded by specimen trees and exotic plants.

©Emile de Bruijn

©Emile de Bruijn

This part of the garden was originally laid out by Charles Vane, 3rd Marquess of Londonderry (1778-1854), but it was further enlarged and embellished by Edith, the 7th Marchioness (1878-1959).

©Emile de Bruijn

©Emile de Bruijn

It has a wonderfully opulent Edwardian atmosphere, with masses of exotic plants and trees and many Italianate and Japanese touches.

©Emile de Bruijn

©Emile de Bruijn

I was there on an extraordinarily still late afternoon, the garden poised on the brink of autumn, with not even Basho’s proverbial frog jumping into the water to disturb the silence.

3 Responses to “A late Edwardian lake at Mount Stewart”

  1. Steven Zick Says:

    Less well-known corners than the over-photographed parterres or the famous Dodo Terrace–thank you for sharing! Would that my own Japanese maples in the States reached the gigantic proportions of the one in your first image!

  2. Emile de Bruijn Says:

    Indeed, I didn’t know about the lake before I visited last week! The sheltered location seems to encourage the trees to grow into splendid specimens. And I saw some picturesque monster gunneras as well, all adding to the ‘through-the-looking-glass’ atmosphere.

  3. Princess Eboli Says:

    It is beautiful !!!!

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