Dressing up at Seaton Delaval

©National Trust /Jane Hall

Seaton Delaval Hall has just hosted a Georgian-style catwalk show billed as Dressed Up @ Delaval.

©National Trust /Jane Hall

Models showed a collection of 25 outfits created by costume designer Paul Shriek, inspired by the dashing and spirited ladies of the Delaval family.

©National Trust /Craig Richardson

Helen at Design Inspiration was at the show and has done a great post about it.

©National Trust /Maureen Ritson

The costumes were made by students and volunteers from Newcastle College, Walbottle High School, Seaton Sluice Middle School, a group meeting at Astley Community High School and Blyth-based Northern Butterflies.

©National Trust /Mark Warr

Techniques used included proggy matting, embroidery, knitting, quilting and dyeing.

©National Trust /Maureen Ritson

Visitors to Seaton Delaval can try the dresses on and imagine themselves as outrageous 18th century aristos.

©National Trust /Maureen Ritson

Dresed Up @ Delaval is the centrepiece of a project at Seaton Delaval Hall, jointly funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the National Trust, that highlights the lives of those who lived and worked there in the eighteenth century.

©National Trust/Jane Hall

I am amazed by how these costumes simultaneously channel Blade Runner, François Boucher and Gothic Lolita.

©National Trust /Craig Richardson

In a follow-up post I will show some of the portraits of the women whose sense of style inspired this catwalk show.

5 Responses to “Dressing up at Seaton Delaval”

  1. Sandra Jonas Says:

    How delightful! Looking forward to the portraits that inspired these..

  2. style court Says:

    Another inspired and spot-on description, Emile: Blade Runner-meets-Boucher-meets-Gothic Lolita!

    The innovation and workmanship here is also making me think Project Runway at the NT 🙂

    Looking forward to your portraits.

  3. frenzzee Says:

    What a fabulous show! Love the use of 21st c fashion against an 18th c backdrop. Whoever is responsible for this show deserves a medal: how wonderful to make a very proper Nat’l Trust property accessible to an entirely new demographic.

  4. Jack Plane Says:

    Tremendously gauche and delectable!

  5. Emile de Bruijn Says:

    Sandra, thanks.

    Courtney, yes Project Runway, Seaton Delaval edition 🙂

    Frenzee, the juxtapositions definitely add to the mix.

    Jack, I don’t quite get the combination of those two adjectives, but I assume you are being appreciative 🙂

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