Bed, books, bath and beyond

For the seventeenth year in succession the National Trust has joined forces with Apollo magazine to produce the National Trust Historic Houses and Collections Annual.

The 2012 issue can be accessed free through the Apollo website. Hard copies can be purchased through the National Trust online bookshop, priced at £5 plus p&p.

This issue features:

  • Jamie Mulherron on the Elements and Humours tapestries at Hardwick Hall
  • Tessa Wild on the interior decoration at William Morris’s Red House
  • Christopher Rowell on the maker of the state bed at Osterley Park
  • David Adshead on the Egyptian obelisk at Kingston Lacy
  • Mark Purcell on library discoveries at Lacock Abbey
  • Michael Trapp on the origins of a ‘Roman bath’ in London
  • Richard Hewlings on the Long Gallery at Chirk Castle
  • Karen Fielder on Lord Burlington and Coleshill House.

There is also a section on recent acquisitions, some of which the readers of this blog will recognise.

2 Responses to “Bed, books, bath and beyond”

  1. Jackie Says:

    I really wish you had a back catalogue available of these lovely issues. Is this really not possible.

  2. Emile de Bruijn Says:

    I am sorry, they are like hen’s teeth 🙂

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