Nunnington re-imagined

The Oak Hall, Nunnington Hall, by Jane Pinkney. Chris Beetles Gallery, London

Illustrator Jane Pinkney was recently invited to be artist in residence at Nunnington Hall, North Yorkshire.

The Oak Hall. ©NTPL/Dennis Gilbert

Pinkney is well known as the illustrator of books such as The Mice of Nibbling Village, Mouse Mischief and Mouse Time.

The Oak Bedroom, Nunnington Hall, by Jane Pinkney. Chris Beetles Gallery, London

She grew up on the rural outskirts of Barnsley, Bradford and Middlesbrough. Her father’s interest in botany inspired her own fascination with the natural world. Pinkney combined a prodigious talent for drawing with a vivid, nostalgic imagination.

The fireplace in the Oak Bedroom. ©NTPL/Mike Williams

Now her watercolours are being exhibitied for the first time in this selling exhibition at Nunnington, organised in collaboration with the Chris Beetles Gallery. The show includes both older work and new pictures inspired by the house.

The Panelled Bedroom, Nunnington Hall, by Jane Pinkney. Chris Beetles Gallery, London

The exhibition runs at Nunnington Hall from 9 August until 18 September 2011. 

The Panelled Bedroom. ©NTPL/Dennis Gilbert

The book The Mice of Nibbling Village has also been brought out in a new edition by the National Trust.

4 Responses to “Nunnington re-imagined”

  1. Jolie Beaumont Says:

    These illustrations are absolutely delightful! I loved the one of the mice playing with the plates.

  2. Emile de Bruijn Says:

    Ironically, that would probably be the conservators’ and the curators’ worst nightmare… 🙂

  3. Jolie Beaumont (@JolieBeaumont) Says:

    By the way, does the National Trust ever have “mystery writers in residence”? I think it would be great fun (for both writers and readers) to do a short story collection based upon “mysterious” objects (like those letter boxes!) or places found at various National Trust homes and sites.

  4. Emile de Bruijn Says:

    That sounds like an interesting idea. The writer might do a residency at a particular property, or in a particular locality or region, to be organised with the colleagues at that property or region. Or it might be a nationwide tour of inspiration, as you seem to be suggesting. At the other end of the process, the colleagues at the National Trust Magazine or in the National Trust publishing department might be interested in publishing the results. Let me know if I can provide contact details.

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