Twentieth-century country house living

The early Victorian 'new house' at Scotney Castle, home of the late Christopher and Betty Hussey. ©NTPL/David Sellman

Since Scotney Castle in Kent initially opened to the public in 2007 work has been ongoing to restore and arrange those interiors that needed more attention.

The drinks tray in the Library at Scotney. ©NTPL/John Hammond

Now the final three ‘show’ rooms in the house have been opened to view.

The Bamboo Bedroom. ©National Trust

In the Bamboo Bedroom visitors are now welcome to sit at the dressing table in the bay window or have a rest on one of the room’s twin beds.

The Friends Bedroom. ©National Trust

The Friends Bedroom is home to a number of works of art given the late Christopher and Betty Hussey by their friends after enjoyable stays at Scotney. In this room you can also sit at the desk and write a comment about your own visit.

The Salvin Bedroom. ©National Trust

The Salvin Bedroom and its adjoining bathroom are shown as if houseguests are about to retire for the night.

The Red Bedroom. ©NTPL/Andreas von Einsiedel

So there aren’t just new rooms on show at Scotney, but the way the rooms are experienced is also more intimate and direct than was previously the norm in country houses open to the public.

2 Responses to “Twentieth-century country house living”

  1. Mandy S Says:

    please correct the typo on the topmost photo caption

  2. Emile de Bruijn Says:

    Well spotted, thanks for letting me know.

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