Brueghel to stay at Nostell

Image Robert Thrift

I have just heard the wonderful news that sufficient funds have been raised  for the National Trust to acquire the Nostell Brueghel. The National Heritage Memorial Fund provided the final £1,034,000 towards the £2.7m purchase price. 

Image Robert Thrift

Members of the public donated £680,000 to the campaign and £510,000 was contributed by trusts and foundations. Special plaudits should go to the Art Fund, which not only gave a grant of £500,000, but also contributed its fundraising expertise. This has been an excellent example of charities working together to achieve a common goal.

The National Gallery and York Art Gallery have been showing the painting for the last few months, but it will shortly return to Nostell Priory, where it will be on display from the end of February. See here for previous posts about the Brueghel.

4 Responses to “Brueghel to stay at Nostell”

  1. CherryPie Says:

    That is great news 🙂

  2. Jenn Says:

    Great news for the new year!

  3. columnist Says:

    Excellent news indeed! It is perhaps the more surprising that much of these funds were raised through public subscription in a time of great economic difficulty. However, I suppose those that contributed, as in so many cases, aren’t actually that much affected. But being totally pragmatic about these things, it is a happy outcome nonetheless.

  4. Emile de Bruijn Says:

    Yes we are extremely impressed by the generosity of private donors in these difficult economic times.

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